Friday, April 27, 2012

F for Frog

Ribbit, ribbit... it's F for frog this week. EV knows the general formation of F and f... yay!!! See the photo below? She's tracing the letters all by herself in her scribbly way. Absolutely no help from mummy. I'm so proud of her!

After pasting the images, we went through the letters and sounds for 'frog', and EV wanted to colour the rounded letters, one of her preferred activities. After colouring 'g' and 'o', she recited 'n, o, p', and proceeded to colour 'p'. Then, pointing to 'o', she said 'o, orange!'. My clever little girl!

Here, she's flipping through an alphabet book that I made, and said loudly 'n'.

A fun alphabet activity we did today involved these wooden alphabets. Using some coloured cups, I hid the letter F in one of the cups, moved the cups around and asked EV to guess where F was. EV enjoyed playing this game. Later, with no directions and instructions from me, she played on her own freely, pouring the letter F from the cup into another puzzle toy.

We did the frog craft work from Jann's class. EV didn't seem too interested in the craft after the pasting was done. But once I blew on the blower, she completely changed her mind and the frog became her best friend of the day, even accompanying her to bed at night.

The frog puppet we did the other day also caught her eye. She even tried making music with it.

The song we sang was '5 Speckled Frogs', a tune that EV knew well. Here's the link to it: 

We went outdoors today to look for frogs. Of course, as it was not raining, frogs could hardly be found. Instead, I directed her attention to the long leaves of the shrubs downstairs, while describing the different shaded lines. I also described to her a tree, from the roots and trunk to the branches and leaves, and how water travels up to the leaves. We also talked about the sun set.

EV loves to lie on the slide and look up at the sky. I did the same, and this is how it looks. Sometimes, it is important to look at the world through our children's eyes.

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