Friday, April 13, 2012

Adventures: Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

EV and mummy enjoyed some us-time at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. Getting out of the Botanic Gardens MRT station, we met a Caucasian couple - the lady was looking at the map, while the guy was looking at his camera. Dear EV said 'take photo, chik chak chik chak', much to the amusement of the couple. We followed the directions to the Garden, occasionally finding shade from the rather hot afternoon. It was a good thing that I brought the sling carrier, because EV wanted to be carried, and we were not even halfway to the Garden. With her holding me tight, I got her into the sling, and continued our way. We came upon a nut tree section, and I read the information sign there, using my finger to trace the words as I read and pointing to certain letters for her to identify. I also described the shapes (square and triangle) that the sign was made of.

We finally reached Jacob Ballas, with mummy huffing and puffing (finally can put daughter down!). Lots of kids on a Friday afternoon, I must say, and all congregated at the water feature near the entrance. Great day to cool off there. I didn't let EV go anywhere near, cos I didn't bring any change of clothes to her, so I diverted her attention to a tree with cranking stations, meant to show kids what trees need to grow. One station will cause the sun to light up, while another will cause the tree to release water vapour. EV had fun here, more with the cranking.

At the wood bridge nearby, EV was afraid to get on at first, and I had to walk across the bridge carrying her. Then EV walked across herself, with me holding on to her hands. And then, there was no stopping her. Mummy had to use her super speed ability to take this photo.

We spent a lot of time in this area, and so couldn't explore the rest of the Garden. EV was also tired by then, crossing the bridge so many times. We took a quick breather at the cafe at the Garden entrance, then started walking back to the MRT station. Along the way, we stopped to admire the swans and the ducks. EV even discovered a millipede. She also surprised me by asking me to read another information sign about the creepers garden near the main entrance.

A truly fun day for EV and mummy! Got to do this soon again.

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