Monday, April 23, 2012

Books: Books on weather

The library has some great books on weather, with simple text and large pictures. Here are some that I got as bedtime reading for EV. Her favourite weather is rain. When it rains outside, she'll say, 'bong bong bong, rain, bring umbrella.' Or she'll sing her own version of 'rain rain go away'.

Since it's the month of April, I got her also a book about April. Written by Mari Kesselring and illustrated by Brian Caleb Dumm, the book uses rhymes to describe about April, as well as the different special days in the month, such as April Fools' Day, Easter and Earth Day. I've selected a few that I like below.

The word April used to mean 'open' long ago.
The month has this name because it's when flowers open and grow.

April Fools' Day is the first, and people get tricky.
Make sure you don't sit in something sticky.

Passover and Easter are holidays to celebrate.
Share a meal with your family. Time together is great!

It seems April has come to an end.
But May is waiting just around the bend!

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