Wednesday, April 04, 2012

E for Earth

We did more Ee activities, with some focusing on 'earth', since Earth Day just passed. This also reiterated one of the word/image we did in the 'E for Elephant' lesson.

We started off going through the feely card and the A4 sheet of images. EV loved the 'Elbows Everywhere' phonics song and jived happily to it while waving her elbows. As it's easy to confuse the sounds of 'a' and 'e', I played the 'Ants on my ankles' phonics song to her again, made the sounds with exaggerated facial expressions, and wrote the two letters for her. I also wrote the word 'elephant' with her, describing the tall letters like 'l', 'h', 't' and the letters with parts that drop down like 'p', to help her recognize the word.

We had some colour chips on hand so I used them for alphabet teaching. I asked EV to create 'i' using the chips, which she did by herself. After that, I made the letters 'T' and 'L' and she named them.

I used a colouring sheet from Kidszone. Besides the images for elephant, egg, eleven and empty, it also has an area for tracing E and e. Out of curiosity, I asked EV if she wanted to trace the letters. To my surprise, she gave a positive cue. She traced the letters while I held her hand. 

Things happen when you least expect it, and that was what happened today. EV spoke a full sentence. While she was having great fun colouring the elephant, she said 'I want to colour the nose'. She coloured half the elephant's trunk.

She also coloured the 'earth'. She called it a 'ball' the moment she saw it, which got this response from me: 'Yes, the earth is round like a ball.' I explained that the earth is where we live, while showing a picture of the earth, and pointing to the sea and land. As usual, she asked me to colour with  her, and we later traced the letters E/e, and the word 'earth'.

In line with the 'earth' theme, EV also coloured a yellow flower. Halfway, she decided to test her grip ability again, this time with three crayons. I took the opportunity to get her to practice counting the crayons - 1, 2, 3.

We also did some shape matching, which also let EV do a bit of vertical line writing practice.

Handwriting skills
I introduced circle line tracing to EV. With a little guidance from mummy, EV tracked big and small circles. Here she is proudly showing off her work.

We made a earth paper collage next from DLTK. She did the gluing and pasting all by herself.

Coordination skills
EV wanted to do more pasting and cutting after the earth paper collage. So I pulled out the Kumon First Steps Workbooks for her to work at her own pace (I had cut out the activity pages from the main books earlier). I was pleasantly surprised when EV created a 'flower' with the glue stick and one of the Kumon sheets. What a great imagination!

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