Saturday, April 07, 2012

EV's tiny step towards spelling

I'm so proud of EV. Today, we were out for lunch, and I brought some colouring materials to keep her occupied. She was colouring an aeroplane, with the text '1 aeroplane' at the bottom. Then she pointed to letter 'a', said 'a' then coloured it. Then moved on to 'e', which she wasn't sure of. She looked up at me, I mouthed 'e', and then she said 'e' and coloured it. She went letter by letter, shading rounded letters like 'a', 'e', 'o' and 'p'. She was perfect with 'o', and she shouted it out happily. For letters that she's not sure of, she would ask 'what's this', and repeat after I've told her what it is. At the end of it, we asked her what word it was and she said 'aeroplane'.

Our happy little darling then showed her masterpiece to everyone at the table. She knows the letters that we've covered in Tot Club so far, and she's following letters in a word, as though she's spelling it. Granted, she may just be reading the letters as they are, rather than seeing them as a whole word, but it's definitely a tiny step forward in that direction.

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