Thursday, April 26, 2012

Books: 'F' books

There are two other books that we especially like, or rather, that EV especially likes. She never fails to ask for them each night. 

By Pat Hutchins
Some, like my darling hubby, may find the text a little too few and the story too simplistic. On the contrary, this is a great book for exposing the young one to prepositions such as across, around, over, past, through and under. It also works well for the young one's understanding of the story, as questions such as 'what do you think will happen to the fox next?' and 'did the fox jump over the haystack successfully?' are asked. Even emotive questions such as 'do you think the fox hurt?' can be asked. So really, this book really allows a lot of imagination and improvisation.

By John Deere
EV loves trucks, so obviously, she loves this. She loves the colourful pictures and the trucks that come to 'life', such as Allie Gator. She loves flipping the flaps to discover what lies beneath. I also get her to count the vegetables and hunt for the farm animals. So this book really is a lot of fun. Stamp of approval from mummy & EV!

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