Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Planning the sessions

Our home learning sessions don't just focus on phonics. You'll notice by now that there are also other elements such as maths, handwriting practice and so on. I thought I'd share how I put the sessions together.

What I try to do in each session is to ensure that EV is exposed other areas of learning as well, which generally are:

- Language arts: letter recognition, letter sounds, writing, spelling, Chinese
- Maths: number recognition, number order, patterns, counting, graphing
- Science/Practical Living: learning play, observation, sensory sorting, shapes, colours
- Extras: art, crafts, music, books

I plan activities that fit into these categories, and try to get EV to do a few times each week. I have a wish list of activities that I'd put together for the week, and then tick them off as they are completed. Sometimes, we can finish whatever has been planned for a particular day. But sometimes, when EV is not feeling well, tired, or just not in the mood, I'd break the activities and do them separately, either through the day, or over several days.

Whatever is planned for the session, one 'rule' remains - keep it fun, fun, FUN! All work and no play keeps the toddler at bay.

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