Thursday, June 30, 2016

Letter to EV: Preparing Mummy for Primary School

Dear darling,

You’ve reached a significant milestone. Over the past few years in your kindergarten, you have blossomed so much, into a cheerful, bubbly little girl who is so endearing to everyone. And now, this month, mummy will be registering you into a primary school.

We’ve been trying to prepare you in little ways for your primary school journey; we know it will be very different and it’s a totally new experience that you will need to adapt to. In fact, you already had a gut feeling that something was different this year, the way your kindergarten teachers were giving you more regular homework, the way mummy and daddy were trying to get you to finish your homework as soon as you returned from school. I know you are unsure and confused and I see the uncertainty in your eyes. You also can’t help feeling excited for the new experience, because many of your friends will probably be going to the same school.

In fact, my dear, this experience is as new for me as it is for you. 

I still remember a tiny little you, holding you for the first time; you fit nicely into my arms. Now you’re so much bigger, it’s harder to carry you on my lap. I love your first smile, I love the way you danced in front of the mirror, I love the way you bravely went on to the school bus on the first day of pre-nursery when school ended, without mummy or daddy (though we were hiding behind the bushes).

Darling, the past years are precious. Time has flown by too fast; you have grown up too fast. 

As I await for the time to register you into primary school, I’m having mixed feelings. I’m happy to see you grow up, to see you move into the next milestone of your life. Yet, I wish time would stop. I wish you can always fit in my arms so I can hold you tight always and hug you. 

At the same time, I’m apprehensive, and scared. I’ve heard all these horror stories about primary school, the level of stress, the number of graded assignments and assessments, and so on and so forth. I want to prepare you for it, but yet I don’t want to over prepare you. I want you to have the spirit of learning, yet I’m worried that we will be overwhelmed by all the assessments and projects that will have to be done. I’m not sure how I can help you to adapt to a totally brand new environment, with longer hours and more academic demands.

Yet, I just know you have the strength in you to adapt to whatever you may face next year. I believe you can do it.

And you know what? Mummy will be on this journey with you. It’s an unknown path before us, but I’m sure, absolutely confident, that if we walk together and support each other, we can face this challenge together. 

You have me darling, and you always in my heart.



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  1. P1 is such a big milestone for little ones and of course for parents. The kid becomes big boy / big gal after this.

  2. It's a very exciting milestone! All the best for the registration and hope you get the school you want :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. I'm so touched by your letter, truly in every milestone of our kids we will try our best to be there for them. Thanks for sharing.- Ling Ling

  4. I totally get you.. I was worried about how my son was going to cope, but in the end, I think I was the one who took some time to adjust and to figure out the curriculum! I'm so thankful that he's an enthusiastic learner and very outgoing, especially for the first child, so it should be easier for the other 2! :D

  5. P1 is an exciting and new phase for both parents and kids. All the very best for the registration.

  6. Totally feel you and that feeling still lingers even though my boy is currently in P1.

  7. I could totally relate how you feel because my kiddo is going into K1 next year, and before I know it, fwoom! Need to go P1 already! These days, when I look at him endearingly, I can't help but think about how tiny he once was too. How a baby who was so dependent on me with everything is now able to dress himself, feed himself, play by himself, walk by himself.. so on and so forth. The saying is right - the days are so long, but the years are too short.

  8. Dread to think it's my turn next year... sweet letter to your daughter, I'm sure you'll be in this journey together. All the best!


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