Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ramblings of a new working mother

It’s been busy these last 13 days. Life as a working mother is not just challenging, things move like clockwork…

630am – Feed Elizabeth. She sometimes does wake up at 530am

7am-9am – Wash up, pump breast milk, change & get ready, then head to office

9am-6pm/630pm – Work work work work, trying my best to do 101 things at one time (including pumping at least twice) so that I can finish and head to mom’s home.

6pm/630pm-9pm/930pm – Dinner at mom’s, feed Elizabeth if she’s hungry, wait for hubby, go home

9pm/930pm-12am/1am – Play with Elizabeth, battle with her when she cries, feed her, and aim to knock her out so she (and we) can sleep all the way to the morning.

And then the whole cycle starts again.

Yes, it’s clockwork, and I don’t deny it’s tiring work, and it’s very frustrating when she cries (read: scream) and you don’t know what she wants. But it’s satisfying. At the end of the day, when I see Elizabeth grow, smile and learn, I get a heartwarming feeling that makes me realise, yes, I’m a mother and it’s all worth it.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Some stuff I wrote a while ago, that has been sitting on my iPhone notes application for the longest time. Time for them to migrate to this blog.

Loneliness in a crowd is like a black hole sucking your sanity

The day I discovered scrapbooking lore,
It became a passion forever more.
People ask me, whatever for?
It’s a housewives’ hobby, they implore.
Their lack of understanding, I choose to ignore.
Little scraps of passion, now I simply explore.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The start of the thumb-in-mouth syndrome

Yes.. the much feared thumb-in-mouth syndrome started over the weekend. And I find myself checking on her more often now to make sure she doesn’t suck her thumb while I’m not looking. I’m sure she loves her thumb, judging by the loud sucking noises she makes. But I’m determined to pull that thumb out, and push the pacifier in.

Must, take, thumb, out; pacifier…… IN!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Brand new look

With the birth of my darling Elizabeth almost 3 months ago, me thinks it’s time for a change to the way this blog looks, if not to welcome this new life challenge. The past few months have been quite hectic, if not tiring, yet, strangely, it’s fun at the same time. They say that a baby can have several moods in a single day. How true it is. She can be cranky one minute, grumpy the next, screaming another minute, and then giggle at something that you don’t understand at all. Yes, motherhood is a whole new world of guesswork, more complicated than charades. Too complicated to even put into words, so I guess ‘fun’ and ‘tiring’ will have to do.

Yups.. I really do need sleep right now. Been awake since 4.30am giving her the pacifier and trying to keep her thumb out of her mouth.