Friday, September 30, 2011

EV's first word

EV has just uttered her first word! It's 猫, or cat in Chinese. Yups, not daddy, or mummy. But cat!!!???!!! Guess it's because she sees too many wild cats around our home.

Monday, September 12, 2011

EV's development at 18 months

EV has reached another milestone – that of 18 months. Below are her achievements:

a. saying favourite words moon, star, ball (she gets extremely excited each time she goes past the basketball court near our home. She goes 'ball ball!')

b. associating spoken words to objects or pictures, eg light, butterfly, bee (once, when she was learning about 'heavy & light' in her Shichida class, she looked up and pointed at the ceiling light when the teacher said 'light')

c. identifying shapes, colours and musical instruments like piano, guitar

d. Recognising & making sounds of objects, eg trumpet (po, po, po), train (chooo...) & aeroplane (wooo....)

At the same time, we are also considering to put EV in a playgroup. One option we were looking at was My World My Montessori, which is just conveniently located opposite my mom's place. It has a three-times weekly playgroup session for toddlers about 18 months but the new intake would take place only in October, so we decided to wait. We were already going to my mom's place three times a week, so this playgroup fit our schedules perfectly.