Hi! Welcome to ToddlyMummy! Thanks for visiting. I'm Winnie, the mummy behind this blog. So this means I'm both writer and photographer, as well as wife to DaddySay and mummy to EV and AA.

Who am I?

I'm a born-again drama-mama and creative extraordinaire, in my kids' eyes, that is. I've never considered myself to have much talent in those areas. However, I've learnt that motherhood makes you discover talents you've never expected yourself to have. I work full time and spend the evenings home learning and reading with my kids.

At ToddlyMummy, I share my thoughts on parenting, fun learning moments of our home learning sessions and our outdoor adventures. I review books and other kids' stuff. I sometimes share about our favourite food too, along with  occasional side orders of stuff that I find useful as a busy mum.

A  former journalist and public relations specialist, I am now an educator and a certified Jolly Phonics practitioner.

I have a crazy love for red bean and I don't like coffee, chilli, chips or chocolate (??!!??). Coincidentally, all starting with the letter C. I love carrots though, and cucumber, cake and chestnuts.

Why do I blog?
Blogging is a hobby for me, and I do have a full time job to pay the bills. Any information on this blog is sourced from my own research online or from other sources.

My reviews and recommendations
All my reviews and recommendations are based on my own experience with them. If I don’t like them, I will either not review them or will review them, but tell you what I honestly think.

I'm PR friendly. If you would like me or one of my family members to review your products/services, do visit my PR page for more details.

I hope you enjoy your visit here. Please drop me an email at toddlymummy[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any queries, or just to say hi. You can also like me on Facebook, here.

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