Monday, December 23, 2019

{Review} Shepherd's Pie delivered piping hot to the door

[Partially sponsored review]

The festive season is upon us. If you are thinking about your food options for your family dinner now, how about some Shepherd’s Pie, delivered right to your door step? 

When Shepherd’s Pie approached me to do a review recently, I thought: it’s not enough to just review their pies. As it also has a pie delivery service, I needed to check out their online ordering platform and delivery as well.

I must say, my experience using the ordering platform was quite positive. The moment you land on the website, there’s a bright orange button against a darker background with white text. It’s not a confusing mesh of colours, and it’s visually clear what to do if you intend to proceed with the order. 

See the black circle on the top right-hand corner? It’s free delivery if orders are over $80. That’s quite easy to hit if you’re having a party over Christmas or New Year, or even Chinese New Year, and you’re expecting last minute guests. Just order one day in advance, and you’ve got it all settled.

Navigating through the site and hunting for the right shepherd’s pie was easy. The site thoughtfully categorised the pies based on a few categories – beef, chicken, vegetarian or mac’n cheese. And within the beef and chicken categories, there are several flavours – black pepper, curry, rendang and shroom. More on the flavours later.

For this round, I ordered one medium Shroom Chicken Shepherd’s Pie which is for about three people, and two single-portion Shroom Beef Shepherd’s Pies.

Once I had made my decision which pies to order, checking out my order was done in a breeze, less than 10 minutes. And best of all, I could choose the day and time for my pie delivery.

On my indicated delivery day and time, I waited patiently for my shepherd’s pies. It was a little late, about 15 minutes late, but that’s acceptable to me, given the peak hour. What’s great is my pies can delivered piping hot, so I could immediately serve the pies during my cosy dinner party to celebrate a family member’s birthday. 

The Shroom Chicken and Beef Shepherd’s Pie are cream-based pies with meat, slices of button mushroom and mixed vegetables. Personally, I prefer my shepherd’s pies to come with tomato-based sauces, but my little ones devoured the pies. They also love the crusty top, and put in a request for me to order more next time.

Shepherd’s Pie also sent me Black Pepper Beef and Chicken Shepherd’s Pies for me to try. Now this tomato-based option is just my cup of tea. I would prefer it to be less peppery, but I definitely like this better than the Shroom flavour. As always, I found the mash potato top really delish with the tomato sauce. As for the kiddos, well, they were just delighted to have the chance to dig into the crusty top.

Would I order from Shepherd’s Pie again? For sure. I think it’s extremely convenient to order and then have piping hot pies delivered right to the door step the next day. My choice flavour? Definitely the Black Pepper Beef Shepherd’s Pie.

Get your shepherd’s pie fix from Shepherd’s Pie. There’s also an option to self collect your pies from their kitchen at Geylang.

Hope you will enjoy your shepherd’s pies like we did!


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