Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy family trip

Our trip to Hong Kong was a success! Daddy, mommy and baby were in close proximity for nine straight days, and we spent great quality time together as a family. On certain days, we would visit relatives and on others, we became tourists and did our fair share of sightseeing. Places we went included the Peak, Ngo Ping 360 and Tai O. And of course, we went shopping. That is definitely something on the itinerary not to be missed.

This trip was significant to us in other ways. EV met her great grandmother for the first time, an occasion I hold dear to my heart. At first, EV was frightened of her great grandmother, as she was at a stage where she recognises people. With time, she warmed up, and by the end of the trip, she was enjoying her great grandmother’s company. Other grand uncles and grand aunts also saw her for the first time, and EV was definitely showered with love.

So as a mother, what was it like bringing a nine month old baby for a trip? Firstly, one’s mind set is definitely important. A relaxed mind with a ‘take it as it comes’ attitude is crucial. After all, I’ve done whatever preparations I could, and was fully equipped with every baby necessity I could think of. One of the major worry I had was the flight to and from Hong Kong. How would EV react to the changes in air pressure? Would she cry and brawl? I had her water, snacks, toys and nursing cover all prepared. And I must say, the last item cam in really handy - I ended up breastfeeding her most of the plane trip to Hong Kong. EV was tired (we took a 6am morning flight), and she wanted to sleep, and she was slightly frustrated because she was in a strange place without her bed. Breastfeeding, to me, was the best way to soothe her while ensuring that she experienced as little discomfort as possible. It also helped her to sleep. But the moment we landed in Hong Kong, she was joyfully enjoying the cool weather and all that happened on the plane was but forgotten.

When it came to feeding EV, Daddy and mommy also adopted a ‘take it as it comes’ attitude. Direct breastfeeding was the main staple, which meant we always had to go to places where I could breastfeed her, and where the trusty Hooter Hiders came in handy. She also had her breast milk by the bottle and cereal with chopped fruits in the mornings. As for bottled food, besides the ones we brought along with us, we also bought different varieties and brands in Hong Kong, including Japanese ones, which EV loved. We also let eat some of the food we ate, like beancurd, fish and soft vegetables. Oh yes, EV also tried steamed milk for the first time, from popular Yee Shun Milk Company in Causeway Bay. She absolutely loved it!!!

The weather too, was something we loved. EV too adored it. She found it extremely easy to nap even when we’re out sightseeing. The Pupsik Studio Baby Pouch Sling was useful in situations like these, as it allowed me to carry EV snugly to me, without straining myself.

EV’s friendly demeanor started to emerge during this trip, when she waved hi to people near us on the MTR train. I must say, we do have a very happy and cheerful baby, which lowers the stress levels, and makes it easier to look after her. Perhaps, it’s because we were in a ‘holiday’ mood. Perhaps, EV felt that and subsequently got into a ‘holiday’ mood herself too. Whatever it was, it was really a good memorable trip.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My 9-month-old baby is a ‘koala bear’!

EV is suffering from separation anxiety, or commonly known as ‘koala bear’ syndrome. Not that we mind her clinging on to us like one. Just that it can be quite trying, especially at night when we desire a good night’s sleep after a long day at work. As she is trying to figure out whether we will return or not when we leave the room, EV has been frightened of us leaving her alone recently. Even if we’re in the same room, she doesn’t want to be more than an arm’s length from either of us, and doesn’t like to be left alone in her cot. It used to be fine, and I would usually put her in her cot after breastfeeding. Until one day suddenly, she started crying every time I try to put her down. She would cling on to me and wouldn’t stop crying until I carry her again. Sometimes, even if I am successful in putting her in her cot, she will wake up soon after brawling.
We have read that in cases like these, it’s best to ignore her, and let her cry while monitoring her, otherwise she will get used to us running to her every time she cries. We have tried that. I must say our little EV is quite patient. She cried for almost 3 hours non-stop when we did that, and we continued for about two days. As working parents, it is hard for us to maintain that for more than a weekend, unless we want to content with sleepless nights that leave us extremely exhausted for work. Then we discovered about the ‘koala bear’ syndrome. We then decided that to help EV, and to help ourselves, we’ll let her sleep with us on the bed. Yes, many early childhood specialists advise again that, but it works for us. We both agreed that we will let her sleep with us for the time being, and then eventually, when she’s out of her ‘koala bear’ syndrome, we will ease her back to her cot.
So for now, the three of us are enjoying a peaceful sleep every night.

Monday, November 01, 2010

EV's first Halloween

It's Halloween! While we don't have things like pumpkin lanterns or activities like trick or treat, we thought it would be fun to dress to the occasion and let our little EV become a... bee! Buzzzzzzzz.......

Oh.. EV also has a black and white patch dress, so she looked like a cow yesterday.