Monday, December 06, 2010

Back from wonderful HK trip

We just came back from an extremely good family trip to Hong Kong. It was especially special for us, as this was the first time little Ella met her great grandmother. And to make it even extra special, my brother and sister-in-law were there too. At least for a few days, we had extra hands to help carry or entertain Ella. Really good, since this was also the first time Charles and I brought her on a holiday.

Wah.. packing for a holiday with a baby is no mean feat! From diapers to winter clothes, from food to toys, everything for Ella must be planned out in advance. Good thing we were in Hong Kong; at least if we forget anything, we can still buy. But it is still a lot of things to bring! Another worrying part of the trip was the plane ride. I was worried about how Ella would react to the air pressure differences during take-off and landing. We were fortunate. We made sure she had something to drink or munch on during those times, so it wasn’t too difficult. And yes, breastfeeding helped too – I ended up doing so most of the trip to Hong Kong, as Ella was sleepy and cranky and needed soothing. She was more awake on the plane ride back, but we had her occupied with toys and food. Oh, and she kept me occupied by making me change her pampers at least twice.

It was a really great trip. Everyone loved Ella, and can’t wait to see her again.