Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review: Bosch Readyy’y 2-in-1 handstick vacuum cleaner

Disclaimer: We were provided with a unit of Bosch Readyy’y 2-in-1 handstick vacuum cleaner for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received. All images and opinions are our own.

It’s always good to read details carefully; this is something I’ve learnt during our search for a handy handheld vacuum cleaner.

The day I received a press release from Bosch, I thought I had found the answer. I saw the words ‘Readyy’y 2in1 cordless HANDstick vacuum cleaner’ and I was sold. I quickly requested for a review set, thinking ‘Brilliant! Now we can clean the car!’

But lo and behold! When I saw the courier man with the ‘cordless handstick vacuum cleaner’, I got a shock. Why is it so big? It was as tall as the kids!

It was only then I realised my mistake. Maybe motherhood made more more careless, or jump to assumptions easily. But, this was a mistake I didn’t regret.

Here’s why. I was searching for a small hold-in-the-hand vacuum cleaner for cleaning the car. But thanks to the little mistake I made, I got myself a vacuum cleaner for both the car and the home.

Oh where oh where is the handheld cleaner?
You see, the Bosch Readyy’y comes with both a handstick vacuum cleaner for floors and other large areas and a detachable battery powered handheld cleaner for smaller areas like the car. It is easy to remove the handheld cleaner, and I like the fact that this compact cleaner fits seamlessly with the tall handstick cleaner.  In fact, it was so seamless, I almost couldn’t tell the difference between the handstick and the handheld.

Yey! No more wires!
Another feature I like about this 2-in-1 device is its ability to operate without wires. The provided wire is there only to charge the replaceable battery in the smaller handheld cleaner. Once fully charged, it can operate both the handheld and bigger handstick cleaner. It sure beats having wires trailing you wherever I go.

Bosch cleaner 6 2

Bye bye backaches
Thanks to the standing Bosch vacuum cleaner,  I don’t have to constantly bend over to pull and neaten the trailing wires, or reach down to operate a very low cleaner (which my current cleaner is), I have fewer backaches due to vacuum cleaner usage. I can tirelessly do my housework without bending up and down, or even cursing under my breath (so the kids don’t hear), when wires get stuck between chair legs. Keeping the cleaner is also rather convenient, as the entire cleaner can be dismantled into three pieces and kept easily into a cupboard. Phew! I thought I had to find a place to keep the tall cleaner.

Bosch cleaner 4 2

Dust away
Because I’m just walking around the house with the Bosch vacuum cleaner, house cleaning is rather effortless now, relaxing even. The cleaner’s nozzle swivels, so it’s easy to reach tight corners. The cleaner also has a pretty good air flow, so it sucks up dust rather fast. However, I cannot comment much about the accumulation of dust on the vacuum filter, as we loaned the product for only two weeks. However, we hear that the filter is made of washable high tech foam that is designed to last for the vacuum cleaner’s entire life span.

Bosch cleaner 5 2

So yeah, I think I had a pretty good time cleaning with the Bosch vacuum cleaner. That’s right. House cleaning has become less taxing on the body.

Bosch table


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