Friday, April 02, 2010

Too early!

It’s quite scary actually, I have people asking me which primary school I want to send Elizabeth to. Wait, hang on! She’s not yet 2 months old. You’ve got to plan early you know, they say. Yes I know, but isn’t this a little too early? All I want now is for her to be healthy, and learn well. Primary school can come later, after kindergarten!

Just the other day, Charles and I did a health check for Elizabeth, based on the guidelines stated in her health booklet. She passed every item in the list – eyes following a moving object, eyes looking at the person speaking to her, making sounds when playing and so on. Next week, she’ll be getting her first vaccination, and we’ll have to be prepared that she may get a fever. She’s eating well, and passing motion well. And I must say, she’s getting quite pampered already. She likes to be sung & rocked to sleep! But overall, she’s not too difficult a baby, waking up only about once a night to feed. She also doesn’t cry that much, only does so when she wants something. Rather, she screams, until her face turns red.