Thursday, May 10, 2012

G for Goat

We're on to G this week! We sang our greeting song, and did the feely card. EV knew immediately it was 'g' when I held the card up. For our phonics song, I used the Greedy Goat song from The Alphabet Zoo Songbook by Julia Gabriel, which is a perfect match for this theme.

Then we pasted the images goat, gingerbread, gorilla, garbage, gem and grasshopper. EV loves to dictate where all the images go. (Note: download the A-Z images from my printables page.)

Along the way, EV got a bit distracted, took some white rectangular chips, and started paying them side by side, counting them. A sudden impromptu activity, but it demonstrated her understanding of counting physical items one by one, rather than just knowing the numbers.

While doing a letter craft art of a goat, EV traced the capital letter G all by herself. That's my girl!

We also did the billy goat craft from Jann's class. EV coloured the goats and troll, while I shaded the grass and bridge and pasted them to a recycled tissue box. Then off we go for some story telling and puppetry time. EV enjoyed the story, and wanted it to be repeated again and again. She also enjoyed playing with the goats and troll, though she seems to enjoy putting them into the tissue box quite a bit and shaking the box. Great to see her so animated with this craft!

Story Time
By Petr Horacek. We read about Suzy Goose setting off to the woods in search of peace and quiet, without realising that a fox (tip toe), a wolf (creep, creep) and a bear (pad, pad) are on her trail with other things in mind. I like this story, and its tale about taking some me-time, and how that is totally and perfectly ok. While reading it, sound effects can be made, for example, reading in a loud voice while Suzy is with her flock of geese, then reading gradually softly as she enters the quiet woods; or making the tiptoeing or creeping sounds of the hungry animals that follow the clueless Suzy. 

Music & Rhyme
We sang Here We Go Looby Loo.

We also recited the rhyme Goosey Goosey Gander. Did you know that this rhyme dates back to the 16th century? Find out more about the history of this rhyme.


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    1. Hi hi... Yes, I've removed it. But I can email them to you. Can you provide me with you email address? Thanks!

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    3. sorry by the way, how old was your daughter that time when she learnt G?


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