Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Craft fun: Hand print giraffe & egg carton grapes

The G crafts we did this week - hand print giraffe and egg carton grapes - were inspired by Craft Crated (here and here)

As usual, EV was excited about hand painting. She kept doing it over and over again, and didn't seem tired of it. Eventually though, she wanted to wash her hands herself, after which we gave the hand print giraffes some spots and manes.

Here is her masterpiece.

We also converted egg cartons into yummy, juicy grapes. I had already pre-cut the egg carton cups to save time. Here you see EV painting the cups all by herself. Mummy did some touch ups, and the cups were left to dry.

Once dry, we pasted them on to a sheet of paper. EV played with the felt leaves that I had pre-cut before we pasted them on too. For the stalk, a brown crayon was used.

And here is the result of our art partnership.


  1. The giraffe and egg carton grapes are so cute!! :)

  2. Thanks Dee... it was definitely fun to make them too! :)


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