Thursday, May 24, 2012

Missing her musical mobile

It was one of those moments when you realise your little one is slowly discovering her emotional ability, and the need to manage such a situation. And, you find out that a toddler's memory can be amazing too! EV played with this musical mobile when she was younger, and we removed it when she was about one year old or so. Recently, we took it out again for AA. The first time EV saw it and listened to the music yesterday, she teared. Later in the day, she teared again. I had to step in, gave her a hug and talked to her, asked her if she missed her mobile, and explained to her that it is alright to feel this way. That after the crying, it is time to put on a big bright smile and continue on.

I hoped I managed this situation adequately. And I know there will be lots more of such emotional episodes in future. When that happens, I'll be there for you darling, arms wide open for a great big hug.

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