Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Words by EV: I sing my own little song

I walk around the rooms,
I do a little trot.
I sing aloud in.... BOOM!
I'm seldom very soft.

I often leave you wondering,
What gibberish am I singing.
But, mind you, they do mean something,
To me and me alone.

I may sometimes give you a treat,
And sing rhymes you already know - what a bore!
I still prefer to make up words,
To sing my own little song - it's fun!

I sing out loud, at the top of my voice.
I think it sounds heavenly, you must agree?
Don't worry, it's not a ploy,
To get you stomping and flee.

I'm in my little world,
I'm singing, a humming hummingbird as happy as can be.
And when I'm done exercising my vocals, 
Yes, it's time, you can snuggle with me.

This is part of the 'Words by EV' series, where I will pen down words spoken by EV herself. Sometimes, I will imagine myself as EV and pen her thoughts of the world, as seen through her eyes. Just for fun. :)

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