Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures: At Changi City Point

I was home. EV got up early from her afternoon nap, and her loud voice is threatening to disturb AA from his slumber. Where can we go to kill three hours? I have not been to Changi City Point, so decided to make a trip there.

Quite a quiet place on a weekday afternoon. Lots of space for EV to run around. We had an afternoon snack at Mcdonald's, where EV had her corn cup and I tried the new Strawberry Banana smoothie. Not too bad. Here are some photos of our adventure.

EV excited by the Mickey logos and being engrossed in the fountains.

EV kept starring at the workers and saying 'So high'. She must be wondering 'What are they  doing?'. I explained that they were fixing the air-con.

A nice indoor garden with a pond. EV had fun chasing the fish.

Till our next adventure......

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