Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Play Learning Tuesday: Make-it-yourself dice

Dice making cover
Here's another great idea using recycled materials, this time,  milk cartons!

Just the bottom of two milk cartons out in the shape of a square, as seen here.

Dice making 1
Put the open end of one carton into the open end of the other, to make a cube. Wrap it with coloured paper, draw dots on all six sides of the cube and your DIY dice is done!

Besides numbers, this dice can also be used to play a game of alphabets and letter sounds. Just write letters on the 6 sides, instead of numbers, and have your kid identify the letter and the sound.

And as for the rest of the milk carton, just pass it to the kids and see what they do with it. Here, EV is colouring the cartons and doing her own pretend play.

Dice making 2

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