Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kids' Day Out @ The Grandstand: YogaBugs, Piccolo House & TreeHouse Cafe

Remember our visit to The Grandstand? Last time, we shared about our adventures at Kiddy Fun, Art Grain and My Kid's Spa. This time, let us continue with the second half of our adventure.

By the time we popped by, EV was getting extremely tired. Still she gamely participated and did the various yoga poses that the pretty instructor demonstrated. According to her, yoga is beneficial to kids because it helps to encourage learning and development. Rather than yoga that adults like me are used to, YogaBugs uses a combination of storytelling, action songs and yoga-inspired moves. Instead of using the usual names for the poses, the instructor used animal names like kangaroo, lion and so on. This was more receptive to the kids rather than downward dog, tree pose and the like. I think EV was so amused, she was actually having quite a bit of fun, despite her tiredness.

Grandstand 10 Yogabugs
The kids even gathered together to 'row a boat'. Later the mummies joined in too.

Grandstand 11 Yogabugs
Overall, the room at YogaBugs was really cosy and tidy, with ample space for little kids to run around. I like the little craft features they put on the wall too.

Grandstand 12 Yogabugs
Piccolo House
We also popped by Piccolo House, which specialises in little furniture for little ones. Anyone who is looking at re-designing the children's rooms will find this a fantastic one-stop shop for beds, mattresses, pillows, wardrobes, shelves, desks, lamps, rugs… basically anything you want. We love the whimsical designs of some of the furniture here, and there are lots of specially designed cushions and bags to choose from too.

Grandstand 13 furniture
Treehouse Cafe
The tiring day ended with a sumptuous lunch at Treehouse Cafe. I have heard lots about this cafe, and I was really delighted to be dining here. EV was famished by the time we got here, so I ordered her favourite sausages and mash for her. As for the mummies, we got a taste of about eleven of their signature dishes.

My favourite though included the Caesar Salad ($14 + $4 for smoked chicken/salmon) and Prawns with Garlic, Chili & Olive Oil ($14).

Grandstand 14 treehouse cafe
The Hawaiian 10" pizza ($20) and Braised Lamb Shank ($26).

Grandstand 15 treehouse cafe
Another good choice was the Rosemary Chicken served with tomato basil sauce ($18). Because the cafe is frequented by three-generational families, they also offer Asian favourites like Curry Chicken with baguette ($15). The filling meal was topped off with Tiramisu, Movenpick ice cream and Chocolate Lava Cake. I'm not a coffee person, and I opted for strawberry ice cream, but the Chocolate Lava Cake.. hmmmmmm, yummy!!

While this mummy was busy digging in, EV went to check out the rest of the cafe. She loved the well-designed play area, and couldn't stop playing 'cashier'.

Grandstand 16 treehouse cafe
Personally, I also like the various design features around the cafe that fit the theme so aptly.

Grandstand 17 treehouse cafe
DaddySay came to pick us up, and we left The Grandstand, feeling tired yet satisfied. We will definitely be back again.

Disclaimer: We were invited by and The Grandstand to attend the Kids' Day Out @ The Grandstand event. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.

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