Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Play Learning Tuesday: Hide & Seek with Alphabets & CVC Words

In our constant efforts to teach EV and AA that fun need not come in the form of toys that you buy, we always try to create new things for them to play using recycled stuff. That always poses a challenge, as we keep having to crack our heads to create new fun ideas that the kids like. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but we never stop trying. And when something works, and works extremely well, we have lots of fun too. It's almost like we've transformed back to being kids.

So I'm extremely elated to be sharing this fun play learning idea that is simple to make, doesn't cost much, and is great for developing literacy.

Hide cover
Here is what is needed:
- ice cream sticks
- paper plates
- coloured markers

I first decided on a few words to start off this fun game. For EV's age (she's 3.5), she's working on her CVC words. So I wrote several matching CVC words on ice cream sticks and paper plates. To practise her alphabet recognition, I also write matching letters. The alphabet game can also be something fun for AA to do.

Hide 1
The moment EV saw me with the sticks and plates, her eyes lighted up, and she just knew mummy had something fun in store for her. I hid, or rather placed, the paper plates randomly around the living room, so that it is not too difficult for EV to find them. Then I let EV choose the ice cream sticks from a plastic cup, instructed her to go seek the plates with the matching words and letters, and then off she went! At times, she couldn't find the matching paper plates, but when she did, the look of pure joy on her face is simply priceless.

Other times, when she was having trouble, I would give her hints, like 'the word 'rat' is around the coloured mats', and I would stand in that area as I speak. This trains her listening skills and understanding of prepositions such as 'near' and 'around'.

Hide 2
AA joined in the game too, with mummy's help of course.

Hide 3
This game can be extended too, for:
- numbers
- words with four letters and above
- shapes and colours
- Chinese character recognition

Just let creativity take the lead and you will be surprised just how much you can do with ice cream sticks and paper plates.

This game really is a lot of fun, and managed to keep both kids occupied for about an hour. I'm so glad they liked it. We hope your kids like it as much as EV and AA did. Happy playing & learning!!

What fun learning activities have you done with your kids this week?


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