Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shopping for groceries at home

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I’m not new to online shopping. Nope. I’ve bought books, clothes, beauty products, IT products and so on online. But when it comes to household items, I’m a novice. Why? Because I like walking through the supermarket to check out the latest and most unique items they have. It is a therapeutic experience for me.  There is something about walking down the lanes of a supermarket that really resonates with me. Ok, call me strange. Rather, call me and DaddySay strange. When we were dating, the supermarket was one of our must-go places. After marriage, we still love going to one, except that instead of buying only the food items for that night’s dinner, we now buy a whole week’s worth of groceries.

Redmart  groceries
Here is an example of one such shopping trip by full-time working DaddySay & MummySay. Well, it’s half of what we usually buy. Can you imagine what our usual amount is like? An amazing feat isn’t it? We’re quite an efficient couple, I must say. The whole trip is done in two hours (three hours when we buy our usual amount). This included jostling with the crowds on a Saturday morning (oh what a hassle!), waiting for at least half an hour to pay at the cashier, being a broken record repeating ‘excuse me, excuse me’ over and over again just to manoeuvre the trolley through the crowd, being very ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’ at the vegetable, fruit and seafood stations, and lugging the groceries to the car and up to our flat. Oh.. yes, that’s why we try not to bring our kids.

I recently had the opportunity to purchase my non-perishable household items online at RedMart. I thought: I have bought other stuff online before, why not stuff for the home? As grocery shopping is usually a couple affair for us, I definitely had to check it out together with DaddySay, obviously. We both visited the site to do some research, find out what they had in stock, check what we needed at home, before finally deciding what items to buy. This was great because it meant we could do it at work or during our free times, instead of doing it only at night or on the weekends.

Redmart  site on mac
What was brilliant about it was the ease of it. It was absolutely convenient to do grocery shopping in the comfort of the home, while listening to some jazz music. Because DaddySay and I knew what we wanted, it took me less than an hour to sign up as a new member, search for the items that I wanted, added them to the cart and checkout my purchases. I even had time to do some surfing around the site’s huge product selection to see what I could buy for the next time. The whole experience was relaxing and hassle free. It is really like having the store at your fingertips, literally.

Now for the best part – the fact that we didn’t have to break a sweat carrying our purchases home, like we would have if we had physically gone to the supermarket. RedMart offers same day delivery for orders made before 10am. Delivery windows are two hours, which means that I needed to be home for only two hours to receive my orders, plus, I got to choose my desired delivery time too! And because my order was above $75, I enjoyed free delivery as well. Awesome!

Redmart  groceries 2
The question then on many people’s mind is the prices of the products. I think there exists a misconception that since online grocery shopping is so convenient, the prices might be more expensive too. Definitely not! The prices are competitive, for sure. We got EV’s milk powder for around the same price as what we pay for at the supermarket. Plus it was delivered directly to us. I think the choice is obvious.

So what did DaddySay and me do with the extra three hours we enjoyed, thanks to shopping for our groceries online? We went for a well-deserved massage together. I think I’m going to be a convert and shop online for my groceries. Except for perishable items, that is. Now we can turn couple time at the supermarket to couple time at the movies!! Yey!!

Ready to go grocery shopping online at RedMart? How does 10% off on your first order sound? Just enter this discount code when checking out: 'rm_todmum'. Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: We received monetary compensation and a $100 voucher from RedMart for this review. All opinions and images are my own, based on my authentic user experience.

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