Monday, July 08, 2013

My First Skool child abuse: No child should be treated this way!

The video showing a childcare teacher allegedly abusing a young 3-year-old boy has gone viral. I have resisted watching it, because I knew it would bring tears to my eyes.

I finally gave in, and watched it this morning. 

I'm crying.

No child should be subject to such treatment. When I saw how he was limping even when the teacher was dragging him, my heart ached.

A Channel NewsAsia report says that the teacher is an experienced diploma-trained childcare teacher who has been teaching since 1997. My question is this: Where is her love? What did the boy do that warranted such harsh treatment? Such terrible, unforgiven treatment to a defenseless little boy? If she doesn't love kids, then why and how did she end up being a childcare teacher?

Should there be more stringent requirements for individuals who want to be childcare or preschool teachers? I think there should. Instead of just looking at the person's educational background, why not assess their love for kids? Why not subject them to a psychological test to assess their suitability?

Sure, I understand that young kids can be quite a terror at times. I have two at home, and I do get frustrated just looking after them. And I admit, I have smacked my kids' hands or backsides if they get out of hand, especially when I have told them over and over again not to touch the electric socket and they just don't listen.

So I can imagine how tough it must be for a teacher who has to look after 9, 10, 11 or even 12 kids at a time. But I absolutely cannot condone the sort of treatment that I have witnessed on the video. NEVER NEVER NEVER should a child be treated this way. No matter how frustrated or angry or pissed you are with how the kids are not listening to you, NEVER take it out on a child. Absolutely inexcusable!

My thoughts do go back to the teachers who are teaching EV at her nursery. I think any parent would the moment they see this video, and we all can't help worrying 'how are my kids being treated at school?'.

Let us look at this rationally. One bad childcare teacher does not mean that every teacher is bad. As parents, we know our children best, and we are the best judge of how they are behaving at home, and whether that reflects how they are treated at school. As parents, I think we need to be constantly vigilant. The moment we see anything we feel is not quite right, we need to observe more closely and carefully. For we are our children's protectors. 

Yet at the same time, I don't believe in ostracising my children's teachers. I believe that together with them, we are partners in my children's education. We work together at home and at school to help the children become better persons. And I'm lucky that so far, the teachers at the schools that I have enrolled EV in are quite good.

When she ended up hurting herself while fighting for an aeroplane with a boy schoolmate at a playgroup last year, the teacher immediately called me to explain what happened. She still remembers those teachers fondly till this day.

This year, at her pre-nursery, I am heartened that she absolutely adores both her teachers, especially the Chinese teacher. She has developed in such an amazing way, I know it is because the learning environment at school is such a positive one.

So like I said, one bad teacher does not mean every teacher is bad. There are many others who are filled with love, who are childcare and preschool teachers simply because of their love and passion for kids. Love and passion to teach kids during their most important foundation years.

That is why I say the criteria for being a childcare or preschool teacher needs to be more stringent. A must-have criteria? Love for kids.

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  1. ToddlyMummy, although I am not a parent, it definitely breaks my heart when a child is abused by a teacher. I was once a victim of abuse in the hands of a teacher but I believe I am alive for a reason to tell people that bully teachers do exist and are still around in this day and age. If you are interested in a similar topic, do check this out:


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