Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thoughts on June

Thoughts on June
The month long holidays that I had looked forward to is over in a flash, faster than a blink of my eye. It's a month of ups and downs, of joy and sadness, of happiness and anxiety, of relaxed moments and stressed minutes. One day I am thinking, what a great holiday so far, I'm can't wait for the rest of it. Another day, it feels like the world is tumbling down, and I think: God, you really know how to throw curveballs to disorientate my life and set it off balance.

This holiday, I spent much more time home learning with EV, focusing on alphabet recognition and formation, and Chinese. There were lots of play and craft time too, such as having fun with pipe cleaners and straws, recycling toilet paper rolls, playing with dough and salt to get away from the haze or pretending to be butterflies or super heroes with a blanket. We even made smiley toasts together!

Toast cover

EV joined her first holiday art programme at heART Studio, and surprised me with her creativity. We spent lots of time outdoors too, at The Grandstand and Gardens by the Bay. The haze didn't dampen our mood, and we went to play at Happy Willow indoor playground, and the newly revamped children's library My Treehouse.

Front picture

Yes, all was good. Till we received news that DaddySay would be officially retrenched in Dec 2014. Though it is still a year and a half away, it is not welcoming news and it means that we really need to start watching our spending. Just in case that his company decides to let him go earlier. Some of our plans need to be adjusted, and we just need to adapt.

Then dear AA was hospitalized because of seizures. He spent several days in hospital while the neurologists tried to find out what's wrong. We did all the tests we could do, including MRI and lumber puncture, but nothing specific could be found. He has to be on medication, and constant monitoring. So far, there has been relapse, phew! This new development means added medical costs, which isn't something we like to have given our financial situation. But it's a fact and we have to face it. We will have to get by, by hook or by crook.

Still, I'm glad for June. It was fun and stressful at the same time, but it reinforced the meaning of family to me. In difficult times, the family sticks together and looks after each other's back. I'm grateful that DaddySay, EV, AA and I were not alone. We had our parents, siblings and even our helper and aunt standing by us to give us the support. Thank you. It means a lot to us.

What are your thoughts on June?

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