Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Play Learning Tuesday: Play Dough Eggs, Bunny and Q-tip painting

Today, I'm sharing three activities that we did a while ago to celebrate Easter. However, because of an urgent family matter, I didn't have the time or mood to blog about it. So here they are, and I hope you find them as fun as we did.

Play Dough Eggs

Play dough eggs

EV is smiling so brightly here, it just makes me smile too as I'm writing this. Why was she so tickled? I meant for her to place little play dough balls on the egg-shaped doughs. Not only did she do that, she went to squish all of them flat on to the 'egg'. Just goes to show that kids don't usually do what you intend them to do. Well, as long as they are having fun, that's most important.

Play dough eggs 2

Here you can see her creations more clearly. And since she also liked using the modeling tool to 'cut' the dough', I got her to 'cut' the 'egg' into parts, teaching her the concepts of half and quarter.

Play Dough 'Bunny'

Play dough bunny

Why 'bunny' in inverted commas? Because I don't quite think that the 'bunny' looks like one, though making a bunny was the original intention. So it has the long ears and round body, EV has creatively transformed it into what I think is a robot, complete with two antennas. What do you think it is?

Play dough bunny 2

Halfway through the activity, EV decided to make a hammer. Then proceeded to dissect her little robot. Future doctor or veterinarian in the making?

Q-tip Painting

Q tip painting

The last activity is extremely simple - just paper plates and Q-tips, or cotton ear buds, are required. Firstly, cut 'eggs' from the paper plates. Give the kid the Q-tip and some paints and off she goes! Yups.. she's chosen her favourite colour blue again.

What play dough or painting activities have you done lately?


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