Friday, June 21, 2013

Indoor fun away from the haze

We've been having really bad air days in Singapore, and the kids have been kept indoors. It's been a challenge keeping them occupied and entertained, because, well, we adults have just that much energy, compared to the boundless energy that the kids have. With the weekend just around the corner, and the haze being here to stay, here's sharing some activities that will keep little ones entertained and happy.

Play with Salt
Grab a whole pile of salt, lay the floor with newspaper or a mat and then let your child pinch, crush and build salt hills. Write letters on pieces of paper and hide it under the salt and this extends to an alphabet activity.

DSC07842 edited watermark
Tuck into some play dough food
Make play dough cupcakes, ice cream, pizza, anything you can think of. How about some pineapple tarts?

DSC07047 edited watermark
Toast the rainbow
Take some food colouring and toast and make a rainbow toast!

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Do some painting… with tea
Grab some teabags, paper, and start painting away. It is that simple and curious little kiddos will have a ball doing this.

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Pretend play with mattresses
Make a house using mattresses, like what EV is doing here. Take blankets and transform into a princess or super hero. Just let your imagination fly!

DSC04842 edited

Hope you and your kids will have fun. In the meantime, do remember to drink lots of water, take lots of Vitamin C, and close those windows!

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