Sunday, June 09, 2013

Smiley Face Egg-in-the-Hole Toast

I seldom get the chance to make breakfast for EV or AA, as I have to go to work extremely early. So since it is the holidays, I whipped up breakfast for the both of them today.

Toast cover

Today's breakfast was extremely easy to make - all done in just half an hour. And it needed very few ingredients too.

- Bread (any kind, one slice for each smiley face)
- 1 egg (beaten, for two smiley faces)
- Ham (any kind)
- 2 whole blueberries
- Cherry tomatoes (2 slices)
- Butter

1. Cut out two round circles for the eyes and a curved shape for the mouth. Spread butter on the bread.
2. Heat some butter in a frying pan, and put in the bread, buttered side up.
3. Slowly scoop in the beaten egg into the eyes and mouth, making sure that it does not overflow over the bread.
4. After 2 to 3 minutes, turn the bread over and fry on other side.
5. Place two blueberries on the eyes, one on each eye.
6. Slice the egg in the mouth area, and slide in the tomatoes.
7. Cut the ham into a small triangle, and place it in the middle for the nose.

'What's that? What's that?' was EV's response when she saw the toast, and she was wildly enthusiastic about the blueberries and ham. AA wanted to have a taste of it too, and was excitedly watching me prepare the toast. He fell asleep though, as he was up early at 530am, and missed his smiley toast. He will have his another day.

Elizabeth eating

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  1. Cute toast! I can never dress up my toast like some of you do, no inspiration early in the morning :P


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