Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holiday art @ heART Studio

I have heard so many wonderful things about heART Studio from the other mummy bloggers, and finally I got the chance to witness just how awesome it is. Thanks to A Happy Mum, EV won a 'Painting Fairies' holiday art session at heART Studio.

Front picture

So on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, EV and I braved the weather and made our way to the studio. We were slightly late due to the rain and traffic, and when we arrived, it was still drizzling. The cab stopped just outside the shophouse building where heART Studio is located and while I was paying the fare, a lady from the studio came with an umbrella and offered to bring EV in. I was impressed with this caring initiative and started to have an inkling of why this studio ranks so high amongst my mummy bloggers.

The class had already started, but the two teachers - Teacher Syafiq and Teacher Elma - did not let that prevent them from paying attention to EV and trying to connect with her. Walking into the classroom, EV was extremely unsure and was looking around observing the whole environment. Both teachers were patient with her. Teacher Elma helped her put on her apron, while Teacher Syafiq explained what they were doing that day. Thought still unsure, EV gamely sat at the table and listened intently to Teacher Syafiq's instructions.

The classroom had a square window that allowed me to look in and observe the class. At the beginning, EV kept looking out at me. I gave her two thumbs up and many big smiles, and gradually, I think the painting became more interesting than mummy. I was able to leave her in the class and go for a walk at the nearby Thomson Plaza.

E drawing  cutting

When I came back and peeped in again, I was amazed by what EV could do. She was putting clay pieces in a plastic bowl, heating them up with a hair dryer, squeezing the clay together, and then making a star shape using a cutter, all by herself! If I was doing this with her at home, she will probably ask me to help her every step of the way. Here, she was so confident and independent with each task, I couldn't help but feel proud of what she had achieved. Also, her fairy painting was nothing short of amazing in this mummy's eyes.

It was clear that EV had struck a connection with both Teacher Elma and Teacher Syafiq. She really likes them, even playing catching with them after class.

Yes, catching! heART Studio has a wide, uncluttered corridor, which allows kids to freely run around without the fear of bumping into anything. The whole environment is very cosy and calm, and it is clear that a lot of thought has been put into making sure the studio is a safe place for kids to roam around. What I like about it is that the studio has three separate rooms for the three main programmes it conducts - Little Dali for kids from 3 to 4 years old, Little Picasso for kids between 5 to 6 years old, and Young Van Gogh for older kids 7 to 12 years old. There is also a room at the back with sinks installed at just the right height for kids.

I was so impressed with heART Studio, its environment and teachers, I signed EV up to paint vehicles and sculpt a robot. Here is EV with her creations.

E works

Each of these sessions was taught by Teacher Syafiq. I like his calm and patient approach with the kids. He guides, but gives the kids space to exert their own individuality. He is funny and approachable, and EV has really taken a living to him. When we stepped into the studio for our most recent session, the first thing she asked was 'where is Teacher Syafiq?'. On the way home, she proudly proclaimed 'I like Teacher Syafiq'. Looks like you've got yourself another little fan, Teacher Syafiq. :)

heART Studio
101 Soo Chow Walk
Singapore 575385
T: 6554 7563

Disclaimer: The holiday art sessions at heART Studio were either part of a giveaway conducted by A Happy Mum or were fully paid by me. No monetary compensation was received for this review, and all opinions and images are my own.

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