Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yes, I miss my dinner dates

Just the other day, a friend asked me: Do I miss it? We were having dinner and drinks, and I thought she was asking whether I missed such dinner dates with friends as a result of my career change. I told her that I didn’t. I mean, such dinner dates mean more money spent and money is something that I need to be careful with.

Returning home, I gave her question a deeper thought. Do I miss it? And then I realise, I do. 

I miss being able to meet friends after work and have a leisurely meal and chat? I miss being able to go for movies whenever I want. I miss being able to exercise regularly without worrying about the need to rush home. I miss being able to enjoy me-time whenever I want.

In a nutshell, I miss being single. Or rather, I miss life before kids.

Yes I do. I won’t deny that. If people say that your life won’t change after having kids, they’re lying. Life will change once kids arrive. There are so much more things to consider, like do they have someone to look after them? 

Going out is no longer a spur of the moment. Lots of planning have to be done to ensure that the kids have a babysitter. You need to let the hubby know, the helper know, the in-laws know. Heck, you even need to plan exactly what time you go out so that the kids won’t see you and prevent you from leaving the house. Then if you’re the one responsible for bringing the kids for enrichment classes, meeting friends on those days are a absolute no-no.

So yes, I do miss being able to meet friends, have a drink or two, and share a salad and a platter of ribs and sausages. And when I do meet them, I enjoy myself. Who wouldn’t?

But a mother is a mother. Barely minutes into the dinner, and you’re checking your mobile to make sure that you don’t have any missed calls. When the dinner conversation turns to your kids, your excitement is obvious.

Because nothing beats having the tiny loves of your life hugging you and smothering you with kisses. Nothing beats wrestling with them on the bed, reading, painting and doing silly things with them.

I may miss those dinner dates, but I miss my kids, my hubby more. You are my everything.

My everything


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