Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Play Learning Tuesday: Cardboard Farm

It’s been quite a while since we last shared on Play Learning Tuesday. But today, we’re back again, and we hope to share more of our fun play learning activities.

Today, we’re sharing a cardboard project that we did, in line with the farm theme at EV’s pre-school. It was a rather big project, and need the help of AA too, though I don’t think he minded.

Materials needed
Cardboard box
Green and blue paint
Felt in various colours
Ice cream sticks
Cotton wool for the clouds
Blue foam for the pond
Egg cartons

Firstly, I got EV and AA to paint the outside of the box green. For the inside, they painted the top half blue for the sky, and the rest green for the grass.

Cardboard Farm 1

Decorating and adding details inside is really easy. There are no specific details as to what to add. I basically let EV take the lead and decide what she wanted in her farm. She decided she wanted a barn, which AA helped to make as well, using ice cream sticks. 

Cardboard Farm 2

Cardboard Farm 3 

Then she wanted an apple tree, so we made one using green, brown and red felt.

Cardboard Farm 4

Finally, she wanted a pond for the ducks. She even made her own ducks out of white felt, added cotton wool for the clouds, and even gave the pigs their own feeding trough made out of egg cartons.

The kids then made their toy farm animals move house, from the toy box to the newly created cardboard farm. The animals look like they are liking their new home.

Cardboard Farm 5

There are quite a number of learning possibilities besides the creativity, such as:
- Literacy - describe the farm, the farm animals, what they are doing, how they are feeling, focus on words associated with ‘farm'
- Numeracy - count the animals, simple addition and subtraction as the animals move into the barn to rest
- Science - discuss the body parts of the farm animals: webbed feet, hoofs, beaks etc

So there, an easy-to-made cardboard farm. There are a few steps to making it, but the bonding with the kids is just great.

What cardboard creations are you making today? Do share!


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