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Book Box Thursday: Books about Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. It's one of the most exciting seasons for the kids, other than Christmas and their birthdays. They get to help out in the spring cleaning, cooking, shopping, eating and of course, receiving red packets. But why do we do all these? 

Besides just sitting EV and AA down and telling them all about the customs of Chinese New Year, the knowledge of which is better than half baked in my case, I looked around for alternative ways to engage them. Specifically, I looked for Chinese books that told the tale of Lunar New Year. I searched around, but couldn't find any. Until I found four affordable priced ones at Flip For Joy, and immediately bought two of them. 

CNY books 1
Books on Chinese New Year from Flip For Joy

CNY books 2
Inside pages of 春节是红色的

春节是红色的 ($6.90)
The title literally means red is the colour of the Lunar New Year. What I like about this is that it doesn't just cover Lunar New Year, but seven other important Chinese festivals such as Qing Ming Festival, Dumpling Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Some of these may sound unfamiliar because they are generally celebrated by few in Singapore, but it's good to read about the traditional practices and the meaning behind each festival. Different colours and beautiful illustrations are used to represent each festival. This title is good for ages 3 and above, and is great to children to the rich Chinese culture and heritage.

CNY books 3
Insides pages of 绘本中华故事 - 春节

绘本中华故事 - 春节 ($7.90)
I love the illustrations in this book, which reminds me of traditional Chinese painting. It stretches a kid's imagination with a tale about Chinese mythology involving the legendary beast Nian, and also teaches about traditions and cultural practices such as decorating the house with red couplets, and celebrating with firecrackers. It's a good book to accompany the festive occasion, and is suitable for kids aged 3 and above.

There are two other books about Chinese New Year that Flip For Joy offers.

Guo nian la 1
Photo: Flip For Joy

过节啦 – 春节 ($8.90)
This is a sticker story book with lively illustrations and hands-on activities based on the Lunar New Year. Children will learn about Nian, the Chinese mythological beast and understand the meanings behind traditional practices such as spring cleaning, decorating the house with red couplets, and handing out red packets. A good way to expose the little ones to the Chinese culture during this season, for kids ages 3 onwards.

Doll 1
Photo: Flip For Joy

This is a creative series from France featuring beautiful dolls from five countries: China, Japan, India, Africa and Tahiti. It takes little ones literally on a trip around these countries to learn more about each country's geographical location, flag, greetings, food, fashion, festivals, music and animals. They can get hands-on decorating the 70 doll templates using the stickers and stencil provided, as well as colouring them. Recommended for those aged 3 and above, this series helps children develop a global outlook and an understanding of diverse cultures. 

We enjoyed reading 春节是红色的 and 绘本中华故事 - 春节. We hope you will too!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We purchased 春节是红色的 and 绘本中华故事 - 春节 for our own reading and enjoyment.


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