Monday, January 23, 2012

Things EV says

Sometimes, EV really surprises us by the things she says. Here are some cute examples:

a. Bye bye motorbike
We were visiting a relative's place and we sat her on someone's motorbike at the car park to tie her hair. As we walked away from the motorbike, she suddenly uttered these three words.

b. Aeroplane fly
As we live near the Paya Lebar Airport, we often hear sounds of aeroplanes flying overhead. When she was younger, she used to be frightened by the sounds, and we always show her that there's nothing to be afraid of, just aeroplanes flying overhead. Soon, she was able to say 'Aeroplane fly' whenever she sees one, even if she sees a stationary one at the airport.

c. I do, I do
That's her favourite phrase at the moment, to tell us she wants to do something by herself. Sign of her increasing independence?

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