Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Discovering EV's musical ability

Little EV has quite a penchant for music and dance, and she’s quite drama too.

As you know, in order to set a good example and to inculcate an interest in music in EV, I took up piano again after twenty years and have been regularly playing eight notes to her – do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do – for over a year. Every time I practice, she also likes to sit at the piano and ‘play’ (read: bang_ the piano like a little Mozart or Beethoven.

Coupled with some exposure to BabyTV, EV knows how to imitate the playing of various instruments like piano, guitar, violin and drum since more than six months ago. I also began to play ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and reciting the notes since four months ago to get her tuned in to the different pitches, as recommended by my piano teacher.

Her musical development has been more rapid and obvious these two months. Firstly, my regular playing of the eight notes has paid off – EV now knows how to sing them though they may not be at the exact pitch. Her last ‘do’ is especially loud and clear. EV has also grasped an understanding of reading notes while playing, as recently, she has begun to play her xylophone while looking at musical notes in front of her. Sometimes, she stops halfway to point at the notes, and ‘read’ them more carefully.

Two months ago, EV had begun humming to herself, but over the last weekend, she tested her own singing ability by singing in loud and low voices, high and low notes. She even tried singing in a soprano voice! Early this morning, she even opened her book and sang, like she’s reading from a musical score. She enjoyed it so much, she was at it for more than ten minutes!

As for her drama ability, well. When she sees someone crying on TV, she will put her hands to her eyes and pretend to cry. When she sometimes doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll screw up her face and look pitiful, and call out whoever she wants to get that item from. And when singing, she will move her head and body to the music in a seemingly emotional way. Oh yes, did I mention that EV loves dancing too. Any fast beat music will get her moving her shoulders or shaking her butt (even if she’s sitting), or her whole body. Yes, even K-pop or trance music (courtesy of her ah yi)!

Yups, EV is always full of surprises. Two days ago, she recited 1 to 20 unaided or challenged. The pronunciation still needed some polishing, but you can still make it out. She also counted five ducks one by one in her Pooh story book, all by herself. That’s my girl!

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