Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day out at Changi Airport T3

Our helper is back from Myanmar today, so we made a trip to the airport to meet her. The airport has a very baby-friendly pram by Combi which EV loves to sit in. But don’t expect to find easily like the luggage trolleys. Request it from the information counters.

This Combi pram is great for easy maneuvering around the airport. And it’s comfortable too, as the baby or toddler can sit snugly in it. When EV got tired, it was easy to just shift the pram to a lying position for her to sleep.

Besides the wide open space of the airport, EV also enjoyed the cool air conditioning, as the day was extremely hot and stuffy. The viewing gallery on the fourth level was her favourite place. Being fully carpeted and fairly quiet on a weekday, EV had a ball of a time running from one end to another. She went home extremely exhausted and knocked out for a full three hours.

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