Sunday, January 08, 2012

Staying at home and discovering EV's talents

Today is the last day of my two week stay-at-home leave. It was a wonderful break, not only because dear hubby was on leave too, and we had a chance to spend time as a family and as a couple before the new baby arrives. But I also had a lot of bonding time with EV and I could witness for myself her talents, growth and development. I witnessed for myself how quickly she was learning about the world around her as she discovered new things every day. I played with her, learnt with her, acted silly with her, danced with her. And she reciprocated by imitating what I do, repeating what I taught her or just simply coming to me for a hug and kiss. It is tiring to keep up with an active toddler, and I often just want to read a book, watch TV or do my own things. But watching her really makes me truly understand why every mother yearns to be a stay-at-home mom. While that’s not possible for me, I definitely look forward to coming home each day and holding my little darling close to me.

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