Friday, January 20, 2012

Giving a try at Tot Club

Last night, while playing with EV, I decided to do a trial Tot Club, based on the lesson plans provided by Jann. As I was still putting together materials for some of the modifications I had made to the plans, I decided to use the craft work that EV had done previously in her playgroup. I began the class by making up an impromptu 'good evening' song, only to have her stare at me with a questioning look as though saying 'what are you doing mummy?'. After a while, she started clapping to it. Then I showed the letter A and a, and played the 'Ants on my arm' song from Jolly Phonics. As I have played that song before, she was familiar with it and did the actions too. Then I took out her craft work – 'A' hat, toilet roll apple tree and alligator puppet and saying the A words repeatedly. She played with them happily. Then I spelled out the words 'apple' and 'ant' on a doodle board while saying the sounds of each letter. Altogether, she was able to focus for about ten minutes, before sounds outside the room distracted her. She ran off to investigate without giving me a chance to sing a closing song. Still, I found the session useful, as it gave me an idea of her current attention span and allows me to adapt the lesson accordingly. More on that in another blog.

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