Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good reads in Young Parents February issue

The February issue Of Young Parents has some good articles that I'd like to share. I've also included brief summaries of what they are about.

a. Too young for homework? 
This article states that parents can get over anxious with prepping their children for primary school, especially with the peer pressure around this. This can be detrimental to children and may cause them to have negative view of school. It shares that starting a homework regime for children as young as three can backfire, and suggests ten ways to more effective prep children in an enjoyable way.

b. She's got a boyfriend!
This article advises that if your preschooler comes home and declares that she has a boyfriend, fret not. It's all part of pretend play.

c. Mummy wants a huggie
Very interesting read, especially for parents with boys. It explores the issue of boys refusing to let their mummies hug or kiss them in public when they reach a certain age. What should a mummy do?

d. Out of the (lunch) box
Three creative ideas for colourful and appetising bento boxes are shared here.

e. Sleep Tight, Sleep Right
This article explores the myths and truths behind putting baby to bed, eg 'To help your baby sleep better at night, don't let him nap for more than three hours at a time during the day'.

f. Don't forget me, mummy
A very insightful piece for mummies who have more than one child and find that they shower more love on the firstborn. It suggests what mummies should do to balance the love out. It is also useful for mummies who are expecting a second child or who have just given birth to one.

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