Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 ways to parent from the bed

If you are down and out, or like me, rather immobile and stuck on the bed most of the time, with no ability to sit on the floor, or move it move it with the kids, what can you do to recuperate while still spending time with the kids?

Read, read and read even more
Yes, lots. Sometimes even the same books over and over again.

Parent bed 4

Play games
Play board games, educational games, finger games, word games, whatever. The bed becomes the impromptu play pen. And it can get quite squeezy (and messy) with kids wanting to play different games at the same time.

Parent bed 1

Parent bed 3

Parent bed 2

Sing songs
Sing their favourite songs, change lyrics, make up silly songs, introduce them your favourite songs. Having the actual song play in the background can add to the mood.

Sit back, snuggle and watch TV
Sit side by side with your arms around the kids and become TV addicts. This could be the closest you can get to the kids while your body recuperates.

Hold hands while doing the above activities
It's a physical way of showing them your love, that though you are down and out, your love for them is unconditional.

Believe me, I'd rather dance around the living room or go on outdoor adventures with EV and AA. But until I can do so, these five ways will have to do.

I hope that this will give you some ideas whenever you are down and out. If you have other ideas, please do share.


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