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What your kid's toothbrush is telling you + Electric toothbrushes are only for adults… NOT!!

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Brushing teeth is an important part of life, even when one is one or ninety nine. The habit of teeth brushing has to start young, but it's not just about the act of it. The toothbrush is extremely important too.

So you've bought the latest toothbrush for your kid, based on his or her favourite character. Is it the right one? What exactly is your kids' toothbrush telling you? What should you be looking out for?

If your kid's toothbrush has an age appropriate brush head
Make sure that the toothbrush is age appropriate for your kids, with a small brush head. This will help get to the hard-to-reach places of their small mouths.

If your kid's toothbrush has soft bristles
Bristles need to be soft to be gentle on tiny teeth and gums.

If your kid's toothbrush has a comfortable and easy-to-hold handle
Make sure that the toothbrush features a non-slip grip which makes it easier for tiny hands to use even when the toothbrush is wet.

If your kid's toothbrush looks worn out after only a few uses
Check your kid's brushing skills. He or she may be brushing too hard, hurting the tender teeth and gum

If your kid's toothbrush has worn out bristles
It's time to replace it. Otherwise, every three months is the recommended period. To help you remember, write the date of first use on the brush.

Oral B 1

These tips have guided me in choosing a suitable toothbrush for EV and AA and I hope it helps you too. Since they both turned two, I have selected the same toothbrush brand for the both of them - Oral-B Stages. Perhaps it's because I myself use Oral-B, perhaps I was attracted by the cute Pooh characters on the handles. Whatever it was, Oral-B Stages has served both my kids really well, and is one of the reasons why they look forward to brushing each day.

Oral B 2

They both started out with the Oral-B Stages 2 toothbrush for kids aged 2-4 years old. The brush head is not only small, but narrow and cushioned as well, suitable for small mouths with baby teeth that are still growing, protecting their teeth and gums. I like that the bristles are longer at the tip, so cleaning back teeth is easier. Oral-B calls this the Power Tip™ bristles. I also like the gripped handle, which is a rubberized grip with honey pots and bees engraved on it. The front of the handle feature different Disney characters, such as Pooh and Tigger. Yes, I always got these as, well, they are my favourite characters too.

Oral B 3

Electric toothbrushes are only for adults?
Not any more! Now kids aged five and above can enjoy it too. Like an adult's electric toothbrush, the Oral-B Stages Power Toothbrush brings battery power to the habit of tooth brushing. It has a Rotating Powerhead™ that surrounds and cleans each tooth individually as one moves the toothbrush around the mouth. The raised centre bristles are positioned to clean teeth surfaces, while the tips are longer in order to get in between teeth. Bristles are soft too, so while this electric toothbrush is powerful on cleaning, it is gentle on teeth.

Like the normal toothbrushes, the Oral-B Stages Power Toothbrush features Disney characters as well. As you can see, the one we got is Disney Princess. Just right because EV is currently now in a 'princess' stage, in addition to cars and trains and bats and spiders and turtles.

With just a few months to go before she reaches five, she isn't too far from having fun brushing with Oral-B's new electric toothbrush for kids.

Oral B 4

Disclaimer:  We were provided with Oral-B products and shopping vouchers for the purpose of this feature. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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