Friday, November 09, 2012

Silly mummy's fun play with the babes

It is always hard to keep up with my kids, to constantly come up with new play ideas to inspire them and keep them occupied. Sometimes, it is easiest to just go with the flow, or even take their lead. That is what we did this week. 

EV (aka Becky; yups.. I have lots of nicknames for her) decided to be the driver of a train, and this mummy conveniently asked to be her passenger, and brought the little brother along too. So we ended up 'zooming' around the house on our backsides, like a train, shouting 'choo choo!'. Of course, the boy had a good laugh.

Sometimes, the best fun idea just comes out of nowhere. The other day, EV and I were waiting for the MRT on our way home. She was getting a little cranky as she was tired. I started making funny faces at her, and ended up puffing my cheeks in and out continuously, pretending to be a fish. That got EV into such a hilarious mood, she started laughing at the top of her voice. Yes, in the middle of the MRT station! It is amazing how such a simple action can keep kids like her entertained.

EV's eyes glowed when I gave her pom poms, tweezers and two plastic bowls. She kept moving the pom poms from one bowl to another, and back again over and over. And when I put it aside when she was in the shower, she came back asking for it. Later that night, she came up with another version of this game. This time, using buttons, which was more difficult, but I think she still had fun doing it.

Pity though, that I couldn't take pictures of our train and funny face fish game, since I was on the ground, literally, playing with her, and no one else was around to be our photographer.

But you know, it is really fun times like these that I appreciate the bonding with my kids. They grow up so fast, and before I know it, maybe they won't want to get on the ground with silly mummy anymore.

And now, silly mummy will check out to have another silly fun play session with the babes. Oh, to be young again!

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  1. Yes, it is always difficult to think up of activities to do with the kids. But it is more fun when the kid initiates to play.

  2. It's so fun to see their rules sometimes! Puffing fish is our favourite too :)


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