Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fun with P, Q, R, S & T

Another alphabet round up. This time of P, Q, R, S and T, and the fun activities we have been doing. The ideas are really easy to do, and can result in much giggles. 

P for pig, puff, pink, pajamas and more! We made a toilet roll pig, which my dear Becky was playing with for the rest of the week. Here you see her cheekily hiding behind it.

I cut out felt shapes and got her to match them up.

We also had pandan cake! I guided Becky as she cut the cake, explaining to her about half, quarter and eighths.

We read quite a number of books that emphasized on P. These are the ones Becky loved.

We made a paper quilt and a Queen crown. Unfortunately, Becky was not in the mood for photos.

Bouncing rabbit in the house! Letter R is great for pretend play, as we pretended to be bouncing rabbits rubbing our paws, searched for red and rectangular things and ripped paper. As mummy was part of the action, I could only capture a photo of this rabbit craft we did.

We love hugs as a family, so this book was apt. What is fun about it is I could follow the story line and give Becky a hug, before she runs around our home giving hugs to everyone else. I also like the story's ending where mummy gives the little one kiss, which is how I always end off whenever I read this book to Becky.

One of the first words Becky learnt was star, and it remains one of her favourites till today. She loves the moon too, so this craft activity of pasting the moon and the stars was perfect for her. It also fits her 'I want to paste' stage at the moment.

Slimy, slippery, slithering snake made of yarn and straw. This is a great motor skill activity too.

We also learnt daily action words that start with S, such as sit and stand. Since Becky is familiar with the group one sounds from Jolly Phonics, I exposed her to the three sounds that make the word s-i-t, simply demonstrating to her how the three distinct sounds come together to make the word.

Our favourite S book has got to be this. It really is brilliant. It is a tale of how a square is shattered and torn and drawn on different days of the week, only to transform itself into various things such as a fountain, a garden, a bridge and even a mountain.

Tiger, tea or me? We made tea, and Becky was thrilled at how a tea bag infused and changed clear water to brown colour. We also did tea painting. More on this in a later post, but here's a sneak peek of what we did.

Becky's colouring has become more refined, as you can see from this photo. She clearly knows where she wants to colour, and she does so mostly within the lines too.

She didn't quite want to put the mask on after it was done, and wanted me to do so instead. So mummy transformed into a growling tiger out to hunt down tickles.

Becky also started on her 'I want to trace' stage recently, so she has been tracing lines, circles, letters. Anything that she can get her little hands on.

And here are the T books that Becky repeatedly asked to be read.

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  1. Oh wow Becky's books are all exciting! I may need to find those for my boys. Thank you for the inspiration!


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