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6 kids' tips to keeping our spaces clean PLUS 'A Quest To Save Edmoral Kingdom' parent-child activity book Review + Giveaway

Dear you know who,

You are so inconsiderate. How can you throw rubbish all over the place? Mummy says that's not a nice behaviour and I must agree. It makes the whole neighbourhood so unpleasant. Who wants to go to a place that's full of waste tissue and plastic bags? Got rubbish, throw it into the dustbin! Is that so difficult?

Mummy always tell Didi and me: don't just think about your own convenience. Think about how your action affects others. She always tells us to throw our rubbish into the dustbin and keep our spaces clean, so that everyone can enjoy that space. It can be the neighbourhood where we stay, the park, or a heritage place like Chinatown

So keeping our spaces clean is universal, anyone can do this very important job, even kids.

Here are our kids' tips for keeping spaces clean.

- Do not litter, no matter where you are.

- When you are out and about and you have litter, throw it into the nearest garbage bin and not on the floor.

- When you throw rubbish into a garbage bin, make sure all the trash goes into the bin.

- Ask your parents to keep a litter bag in their bags. This way, if there are no garbage bins to be found, your waste can be thrown into the litter bag first, then thrown into a garbage bin once you find one.

- Recycle your rubbish like plastic bottles. This helps the environment too.

- When at the beach or park, don't leave any litter behind. Picking up your trash will make such public places look and feel pleasant. And you might just encourage others to keep the beach and parks clean too.

There! Our six tips for keeping the spaces you love clean. They are simple tips, and can easily involve the rest of the family too.

So care and show respect for your surroundings, be responsible and stop littering. Ok, now you’re a nice person. Mummy says so.

Now, let me tell you about a 'keep clean' adventure I went on, full of simple activities, that parents and kids can do together.

Going on a 'keep clean' adventure

NEA Quest 1
The other day, I saw this really interesting book on mummy's table (everything on mummy's table is interesting). I like the pictures on the front. So cute! So I asked mummy what it is about. She said I received it specially from NEA. What's NEA? National Environment Agency, she said. People there created the book to help all mummies and daddies to teach kids about keeping our spaces clean. It's a story about a frog named Captain Green, who is the protector of the environment in Edmoral Kingdom, who goes on a quest to clean up his kingdom that's come under an evil spell. Eh… quest? Adventure, mummy said. Oh… adventure.

Any princess, I asked mummy.
'Yes! You are the princess'

Hee…. so I joined in the quest too.

NEA Quest 2
The map showing the quest to save Edmoral Kingdom
There are three towns in this quest, and all the people have become less caring, responsible and respectful of their surroundings, because of the evil spell. The key to breaking the spell is to find six hidden petals, by doing the activities in six treasure chests scattered around the three towns. All the activities cover different forms of keeping clean. Most important is Care for ourselves and staying healthy. So the first two activities are about our own cleanliness our own cleanliness, about washing hands and other ways of keeping clean, like keeping fingernails short and clean, not sneezing into the air, and keeping toilets clean.

NEA Quest 3
It's important to know and remember when to our hands.

NEA Quest 4
A Let's Match activity to find the matching stickers.
After that, the quest entered different spaces, such as our room, neighbourhood, and public spaces like the park. It says we must have Respect, to be considerate to others so they can also enjoy the same spaces we go to. Exactly what mummy has been teaching us! It also tells us what litter is, and what will happen if litter is not thrown properly.

NEA Quest 5
Respect for our spaces - it's important to know what our litter can do.

NEA Quest 6
We don't just have to keep our rooms clean, but our neighbourhoods too.

NEA Quest 7
Mummy likes activity tips and suggestions like these.
The final town teaches about Responsibility and tells us all about mosquitoes, their growth, their habitats (a new word mummy just taught me), and the 5 steps we can do to stop mosquitoes from breeding. There's even a little story game called 'Smack Little Mozza', where we have to smack Mozza the mosquito whenever we hear its name.

NEA Quest 8
All about mosquitoes….. Zzzzz….
After visiting the three towns, mummy would give me a sticker to keep me going. I love stickers! Mummy said she likes the tips and suggestions given at the side columns that help parents like her to guide and teach kids like me.

Our verdict
Mummy says this is quite a useful and helpful booklet. It teaches about keeping our spaces clean in a fun way. For me, I know now why mummy always ask me to pour away the water I leave in any little cups during bath time. It is to keep mosquitoes away. I hate them, they always bite me. So next time I play with water, I know what to do.

Mummy said that this book A Quest To Save The Edmoral Kingdom is only given to K1 students in 1604 pre-schools. So nursery kids like me, pre-nursery and K2 kids don't get it. But with the useful tips and suggestions, parents of any kids of any age can use this too.

Present Giveaway Time!
Happy news! Mummy managed to get 5 copies to be given to 5 lucky mummies or daddies reading this. Hooray! Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to enter. The more optional steps you do, the more chances you have. Good luck!

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Disclaimer: We were provided with a copy of The Quest To Save Edmoral Kingdom by the National Environment Agency for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and images are my own.


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  1. My tip is to wash their hands frequently with soap (before meals especially)
    Dominiquegoh(At) gmail(dot) com

  2. My kids will wash their hands and feet immediately with soap after coming home from outdoors.

    Serene Leow

  3. I always tell my girl to wash her feet and hands with soap the moment she comes home.

    Cynthia Lau

  4. Washing hands whenever we get home from anywhere is a must! But also I'm trying to remind them to be more conscious of their environment, e.g. if we eat out they should only take the appropriate number of straws/napkins/cutlery/whatever because extra just creates more waste, or uses up extra resources for washing, which is in turn bad for the environment.

  5. Remind them to wash their hands and feet when they step into the house from outside.
    Robert Sim

  6. wash hands and feet upon reaching home, wash hands before meals

  7. I always tell my son to wash his hands & feets upon reaching home.
    Teo Kia Li


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