Tuesday, September 09, 2014

EV's tips to the Alive Museum

I love it when mummy doesn’t have to work. She plays with us and brings us to different awesome places. That day, I think it was Tuesday, or was it Monday? No, it was Saturday. Well, never mind. It was a no-school day. Mummy told us she was going to bring us out and it was to be surprise! Could it be that indoor playground we saw at the airport the other day? I really want to go. Mummy said it was somewhere else. She only said that it was a museum. Oooo… museums! I like museums and I had so much fun at the other two museums we went recently (Read about those adventures here and here). Hee… so fun!

We headed to this place mummy calls Suntec City, mummy, AuntyCC, Didi and me. Wow! The buildings were very tall. Oh yes, mummy says that place is not very pram-friendly. There are no slopes between basement one and the roundabout eating area. So mummy and AuntyCC had to carry sleeping didi on the pram down and up the stairs. Don’t big people know kids like slopes?

After a yummy lunch of sushi, chawamushi and udon (my favourite!), mummy still refused to tell us where we were going, except that it was on the third floor. Silly mummy got lost because she couldn’t find the lift to go to the third floor, but we finally reached our … erm… des-ti-na-tion. Some museum called Alive Museum. What’s that? I’m not sure it’s even fun. Maybe it’s only fun for big people, because mummy looked so excited. But well… I’ll give it a try. For mummy.

Here are some things little kids like me need to remember before going in.

Go to the toilet before entering
There are no toilets inside, so don’t pee in your pants and make a mess. Very important! And, don’t drink so much water inside. Though sometimes, you know, when kids get thirsty and we need water, we need water NOW!!! But anyway, food and drinks are not allowed, so it would be helpful if mummies and daddies can explain why. Tickets are for one-time entry only, so once you exit, you’ll need another ticket to get in again. So here’s another reason why you should go to the toilet first.

Don’t wear a skirt
I wanted so much to wear a skirt that day and mummy made me change into pants. Hmph… She says one of her blogger friends gave her this advice. She says there’s a mirror, so I cannot wear skirt, otherwise, my underpants can be seen. Hmm… ok. When we went into the room, I understood why. The whole room is full of mirrors. It was very small, and we spent very little time inside as it was crowded. Thank you mummy for asking me to wear pants.

AM 1
Getting f…f….frozen!

AM 3
Such a sweet picture of the us!

AM 4
All hail Didi!

Be adventurous!
Unlike didi, I usually take a while to warm up. So when we first arrived at this Alive Museum, I wasn’t keen to try out anything. Didi, on the other hand, was already climbing into the refrigerator at the entrance. But once I’m warmed up, together with Didi, we had a blast. Sometimes, we went with the suggestions, sometimes we went crazy and creative, other times we just preferred to stand next to the displays.

AM 6
Push.. push… Didi was more interested in the vehicle.

AM 8
Amazing! Didi looks like he's being flushed down.

Be considerate
Must remember to make way for others ok? Mummy says that’s being nice. And I think it’s important, especially in the narrow and small spaces. If your parents brought prams, please remember to park it nicely at the side, so it doesn’t obstruct other people. And don’t run and climb around so much, other visitors want to take pictures with the displays too!

AM 9
Fighting the rapids together.

AM 11
Row row row our boat.

AM 12
This took mummy a while to take, because we couldn't stop running all over.

Don’t like some of the exhibits? Tell your parents
Being kids, we generally like everything that’s fun. But there are times when we don’t. So if you don’t want to take photos with any of the exhibits, just tell your parents.

AM 5
Didi was the brave one here. I refused to step in.

Avoid the Powder Room
Eh… I have no idea what it is. But mummy says I’m too young to watch this exhibit located just opposite the exit, as it has a sign that says PG13. I think it’s something scary.

AM 7
My hero!!!

AM 13
Another hero!!

I definitely warmed up and absolutely enjoyed myself. Look at all the pictures I took by myself. Quite brave, aren't I? With my favourite Spiderman and Superman, how can I resist? Even the big croc didn't frighten me. Can we go again soon mummy?

AM 10
I'm doing the perfect split...

AM 14
and battling the giant croc!

Alive Museum
Where: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
Time: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)
Adults: $25
Children 3-12 yrs $20

Current Promotion:
From now until 30 September 2014, get a free Burger King meal (worth S$7.85) when you like Alive Museum on Facebook and purchase a full-priced ticket. The meal includes one Fish'N Crisp or Chick'N Crisp burger, one small fries and one small coke.

Disclaimer: We were provided with four complimentary tickets to the Alive Museum. No compensation was received. All images and opinions are my own.


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