Friday, November 16, 2012

Toasting a rainbow

We made a rainbow toast this week. It is a really fun and easy to do. Best part of it? We got to eat our creation after.

- Bread
- Milk
- Food colouring
- Brushes (make sure these are ones you use for food only)

1. Mix the food colouring to the milk until you get the desired shade.

2. Then paint away!

3. After the painting is done, toast the bread and sink your teeth into colourful rainbow toast.

4. You can also paint on paper for a different sensory experience, like we did.

Becky had such a blast painting the bread. And when she was done, she eagerly waited for them to be toasted. She was one hungry girl that day. She ate two slices of bread, out of the three she painted, which looked more like single-coloured toasts rather than rainbow toasts.

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  1. Interesting! How come only paint one side of the bread?? lol ok I'm being nosey xD


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