Friday, October 19, 2012

A day in my life

I hold multiple portfolios in my life: mummy, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt, educator. Being busy is an understatement; I feel like a spider with two hands! Just what goes on in a typical day in my life? I invite you to take a peek.

I am soothed awake by the classical tunes of 92.4FM. Sometimes, I have to drag myself out of bed, especially after being woken up by Ron Ron for milk more than once in the night. First a hot shower to get the blood circulating and the body awake, then I do my daily milking duty. I’m usually out of the house around 645am, to start my day as an educator.

A nice hot cup of Lipton tea and a muesli bar starts my day, which is filled with lessons, student consultations, lesson and curriculum planning and meetings.

In between, I do my mummy duty. If there are no last periods or additional meetings, I leave around 2pm or so. Otherwise, I will stay on till 530pm, especially on days when there are staff meetings or curricular activities.

On these early days, I take the opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids, or run household errands like going to the supermarket. Activities are less defined, but are usually the following:

1. Mummy duty if Ron Ron has been fed before I reach home
2. Feed Ron Ron directly
3. Home teach Becky
4. Play with Becky and Ron Ron
5. Bath Becky and Ron Ron
6. Practise the piano
7. Squeeze in some me-time and catch up with fellow SMB mummies on Facebook

Dinner time!

Start to quieten down and prepare the kids for bed. If Ron Ron is hungry, I will feed him. Otherwise, I would read to both kids. Occasionally, Becky wants to do some colouring or play with some blocks first.

Hopefully, the kids are sleeping, but sometimes, Becky may fuss till 1030pm, or even 11pm. If I’m too tired, I do a final pump and then sleep. Other times, I squeeze in some more me-time to update my finances, blog or chat online. 

11pm to 12 midnight
Sometimes, I get so engrossed in writing that post, that I completely forget the time. It's these times of 'flow' that I love best, when I feel fulfilled after a writing frenzy. Then I melt into a deep sleep, just waiting for the hour when Ron Ron whimpers for his very early morning milk. Nitey nite!

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