Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting way back into scrapping love

I admit. I have not been scrapping very much. Rather, I have not been doing so at all. Mummyhood has become my main focus. 

Even though I’m inundated by thoughts of how this photo would be great for this layout and how that photo would be fantastic for a altered photo frame, I never actually got round to it. All my scrapbooking materials and tools are screaming to come out of the cupboard, to be ‘alive’ again on a beautiful layout, to find creative meaning together instead of just being paper, alphas, mists or brads.

After a long hiatus, I want to start scrapping again and chronicle my kids’ growing journeys and my own mummy adventure. It will be challenging to find time, time when I will not have Becky inquisitively asking ‘what’s that?’, time when I can truly be alone and scrap. 

But I must.

To inspire myself, I looked up some of my past layouts.

My fingers are just itching to get started. I've got the photos I want to use, now I just have to motivate myself to get it done. Get moving girl!

In the meantime, I’m dedicating this to those who introduced me to scrapbooking: Swee Ching, Jasmine and Kelly. Thanks for introducing me to such a meaningful hobby!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more scrapbooking art by you soon.

    1. Thanks Dominique.. now all I need to do now is to get going and get my hands dirty. :)


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