Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's just love

'Hi! I'm C. I love all of you.'

Yes, that's the crazy, nonsensical, 'what are you trying to prove' message that my hubby wrote on my campfire programme booklet, way back in 1989.

Yikes! The dreaded number '8'. Now you know which era I grew up in. Hubby and I - teens of the 80s, when Bananarama, Johnny Hates Jazz and Rick Astley reigned. But the songs that played when we met were not these.

Before a glowing campfire, with our schools just seated next to each other, we swayed to the tunes of Silvery Moon, Ging Gang Gooli, Gako the Frog, Thousand Legged Worm, Pass It On... the list goes on. We had no sun, but we had fun. 

It was coincidental that we met - his friend liked my senior, and left a number on my programme booklet. Daring me called this friend, who led me to C. A very indirect way of meeting, I agree.

C and I became fast friends, a platonic sort of friendship, and we treated each other like siblings. Yup, no sparks few then. I still can't understand why, though it was clear to me then already, that he was a soulmate whom I can depend on, and share my happiness and sadness with.

We remained best of friends. I went to Perth and he who rarely writes wrote to me, which was extra meaningful for me. We each had our relationships and we lost contact for a while.

Fast forward to 2005 and our paths crossed again. It was as though the years of absence did not exist. We were still as close as before, sharing everything with each other. Except now, with more life experience, including surviving failed relationships, we were more matured and had a much better idea of what to look for in a life partner.

Naturally, the laws of gravity came into play, and we soon got together, knowing full well that this was it. We were stuck with each other. There was no doubt about that.

So in February 2009, we sealed our fate with more than a kiss, in a simple church wedding, witnessed by our family, relatives and close friends. Neither of us had a smooth-sailing love life, so to finally find each other and make the decision to remain committed to each other meant a lot to us, and many around us knew it. To have my father walk me down the aisle and give me away... awesome! And of course, to my parents, especially my mother: She's FINALLY married! She was so happy, she cried tears of joy. 

So there, my love story, of how a boy and a girl, a scout and a guide, found a lifetime soulmate in each other after twenty years of friendship. This year marks the twenty-third year since we met, fourth year as a wedded couple and third year as parents, and we are still discovering lots about each other. This is such an adventure!

I had often wondered how we have maintained our relationship for so long, but it really doesn't matter. It may have been in different forms, but at the end of it all...

It's just love.

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  1. 23 years? That's like super duper long. =) And it's so sweet you are still constantly discovering new things about each other and keeping the spark alive. Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. Wow Winnie! we're almost on par with knowing our spouse for that long! :) Cheers to more good wonderful years together!

  3. Wow, 23 years is no mean feat. I find it so beautiful that you guys found each other after your own long and winding paths...I guess that really makes you wanna cherish what you have now even more. Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Both of you are meant to be for one another, even after losing contact alone the way. Sweet!


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